“Serial Candidate” Among Potential Palazzo Challengers

By Kaija Wilkinson Mississippi Press

Florida resident Joshua Larose, who has also run for office using the first name “Josue,” is among those who sent their qualifying paperwork to the Mississippi Democratic Party ahead of a Friday deadline. However, Democratic Party Executive Director Rickey Cole said he plans to recommend that Larose be disqualified.

“He has a very interesting story, to say the least” Cole said. “Basically, he is not what he claims to be.”

Paperwork Larose filed in Jackson says he is a qualified elector of Harrison County, but the address he provided matches a business complex in Flowood, Cole said.

“We’ve done a little research and found that he is a serial candidate in Florida,” Cole said. “Evidently he’s trying to branch out and run for office in Mississippi.”

On the website Our Campaigns, Larose’s bio says:

“He is a 25 year old rich man, born on June 12, 1981. Regarding his education level he is earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, then he is earning a Certificate in Real Estate, in Mortgage Brokerage and finally he has a MBA Degree. He is also a Federal Lobbyist, officially recognized and registered by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C.”

In Florida, he’s run unsuccessfully for Miami mayor, state and U.S. Senate, and governor, Florida newspapers have reported.

He started 40 political parties, created 160 PACs and has claimed his war chest exceeds $14 million, according to the blog Foolocracy.com.

One newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, reported that he created more than 300 PACS during his campaign for governor.

Among his parties listed on Foolocracy: American Music Stars Political Party, American Aristocrats Political Party and American Billionaires Political Party.

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