State Dems Call on Republican Legislator to Resign..


CONTACT: RICKEY COLE Mississippi Democratic Party

Jackson, MS – On Thursday, February 2, the Mississippi Ethics Commission issued a Final Order in its investigation of Rep. Kevin McGee (R-Brandon). The Commission found that since taking office in January 2008, Rep. McGee entered into 259 illegal service contracts with the State of Mississippi. As a result, Mr. McGee’s business improperly received over $428,000 in state funds.

The state constitution and state ethics laws prohibit legislators from doing business with state government. For his many violations of the constitution and statutes, Rep. McGee has been ordered to repay $346,554.06 to the state and an additional fine of $50,000.

Rickey Cole, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party said, “In light of these revelations, the only appropriate response is for Representative McGee to resign his office immediately.” Cole added, “Mississippi deserves responsible stewards in positions of public trust, not shameless self-dealers willing to abuse the public trust for personal gain.”

Continuing, Cole noted, “Since the November elections, we’ve had a Republican state representative caught taking money from his vulnerable aunt, a Republican mayor caught using his city’s budget as his own private expense account, and now another Republican representative caught making off with more than a quarter of a million dollars in taxpayer funds.” Cole added, “It seems to me that instead of using their power to make life better for all Mississippians, Republicans have decided to abuse their power to make a fat profit for themselves.”

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