Democrats Gay Marriage Stance May Lead to Mississippi Party Switchers

Clarion Ledger: Democrats gay marriage stance may lead to Mississippi party switchers

During today’s Stennis Capitol Press Luncheon, the chairmen of Mississippi’s Democratic and Republican parties spoke and answered a few questions.

Republican Chairman Joe Nosef made note of the 50-or-so Democratic office holders who have switched to the Republican Party over the last eight years. He made the point that the main reason for the switching had little to do with what the Democratic Party in Mississippi was doing but more so with office holders not being able to align their personal beliefs with those of the national Democratic Party.

It was one thing for President Obama to come out in support of gay marriage. While a big deal, it wasn’t as if it was the policy of the Democratic Party. The White House even went so far as to say that while the president supported gay marriage personally, it was not something his administration was pursuing in terms of policy.

Now, however, it will be a tenet of the Democratic Party. That’s a bigger deal, and it’s something that will drive more than a few conservative and moderate Democrats to either switch parties or, at the minimum, renounce their membership in the party of Andrew Jackson and travel an independent road instead.

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