Mike’s Missives- Stacey’s Candidate Positioning Tips

I thought I would pass along some very helpful campaign tips to candidates out there running for the first time. My good friend and former Democratic Party of Georgia colleague, Stacey Chavis, compiled these and many other useful campaign tools that you can find at Stacey Chavis Political Strategies

Stacey’s Candidate Positioning Tips

1) Get Trained- Before you decide to run for office, you should seriously consider attending a political leadership training.

2) Campaign for Others- Working on a campaign team is great experience to have before you decide to become a candidate.

3) Prepare for Public Speaking- As a candidate for elected office, you will engage in public speaking and repeat your message thousands of times during your campaign.

4) Join Community Organizations- Join and participate to meet others in different industries with similar interests. Junior League, Urban League, League of Woman Voters, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs are just a few great community organizations.

5) Join Professional Organizations- Get involved in your professional industry organization such as the local labor or trade union, National Society of Accountants, National Association of Social Workers and American Farm Bureau Federation.

6) Seek an Appointment- Serving on a local, state or federal board or commission is a great way to serve and get experience before you run.

7) Know Community Issues- Attend city council, county commission or legislative committee meetings to understand the issues in your community. Read your local city and county newspapers, blogs and websites to learn more.

8 ) Take a Leadership Role- Running for a position within your homeowners association, parent teacher association or community organization.

9) Serve on a Nonprofit Board- Join a nonprofit board around issues of importance to you like the environment, civil rights, gender equality or education. You will serve, expand your skill set and meet other like-minded leaders.

10) Get involved with your Political Party- Attend your party meetings, and events to get involved, understand the lay of the land and meet the major players within the party.

11) Volunteer your Time- Volunteer within your community to pass out meals on wheels, read to children, community recreational activities or through the local school district(s)

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