Exciting Times for Democrats!

By: Will Godfrey, Mississippi Democratic Party

It’s an exciting time to be a Democrat in Mississippi. As a party, we believe we are working on the right projects to put us on a sustainable path forward. New Mississippians are joining the cause and we are building a foundation for the future. We are getting organized at the precinct level and signing up new Democrats to our Yellow Dog Club and Finance Council every week.

The Republican Party continues to expose itself as a party more interested in serving the extreme ideological fringes than finding common sense solutions to our great challenges. Everyone should be proud of our Legislative Democrats who stuck together during the session and continue to fight the reckless Republican agenda. We have a tremendous opportunity to show Mississippians which party stands on the side of common sense solutions and reform.

I encourage everyone to support our party any way you can, both personally and financially, through volunteering or giving, to ensure we are able to build the necessary infrastructure to win elections and create a bright future for our beloved state. State parties are the structural foundations for Democrats across the country and we are committed to continue building towards a strong future.

Mississippi Democratic Party Newsletter

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