Thad Cochran Gets His First Announced Democratic Opponent….. Kinda Sorta

It seems that former GOP congressional candidate Bill Marcy has decided to abandon his previous political affiliation and run for the U.S. Senate in 2016 as a conservative Democrat. Look at the excerpts taken from Bill Marcy’s Facebook Page: Posted Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letter Of Open Rebellion

This is an Open Letter to announce that I, Bill Marcy, is in Open Rebellion against the Republican and Democratic Parties.

No longer will I swear blind allegiance to either party. My allegiance to either party allows them to take my support for granted.

The cause for constitutional democracy is not served by allowing one party absolute loyalty. It has been proven that if you align with any party, one will take you for granted, while at the same time, cause the the other party to ignore you.

An example of this was seen in the presidential elections. Because Mississippi was considered a safe republican win after the primary, the Republican Romney only found his way to the state to pick up donations. Conversely, the Democrat President Obama never found his way to his supporters in Mississippi. One taking their win for granted and the other ignoring his supporters because he accepted the lost. It is in the interest of politicians and parties to line up your support without working for your vote.

But, I realize that being open minded to any political party forces ALL political parties to work for the support of ALL their constituents.

For the last 4 years I have won the banner of the Republican Candidate for Congress in Mississippi 2nd District. My party was neither faithful nor supportive. The answer I heard was I did not have a chance to win even though I received 38 % of the vote without any state or national party support.

So the Republican Party wrote off 38 percent of the voters. Their explanation was no republican could win that seat, so why try. Democrats make the same calculation. Why waste funds in the 3rd District, which is overwhelmingly republican. However, both parties never miss an opportunity to raise funds in these forgotten districts.

So now I plan to upset the “Apple Cart”. I will take my support and any willing supporters to prove a point. The point is “Never Take Us For Granted.”. Americans always have choices.

So today I have intentions to run for the United States Senate as a Conservative Democrat. If the Republican Party refuses to fight along side of patriots maybe there are enough Conservative Democrats that are willing to fight America’s enemies.

God Bless America

Bill Marcy

Update: around 3 p.m on yesterday, Marcy posted the following:

To all my Republican friends that think the Democratic Party is in love with “Old Bill Marcy” listen to this.

I contacted the state Democratic Party and spoke with Ricky Cole, chairman of the party, and notified him about my intention to switch parties. Ricky’s suggested that run as an independent and not as a democrat. Go figure!

I mentioned that when a Democrat switches to the Republican Party they have a big press conference and trot out the new convert. Ricky Cole said we don’t do that over here.

I wonder why?

This certainly an unexpected move by Bill Marcy. I can assure you that the Elections Committee of the State Democratic Executive Committee is going to have a field day with this one.

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