Legislative Black Caucus Calls for Full Funding of Education Budget

Legislative Black Caucus calls for full funding of education budget: Mississippi Press

The Legislative Black Caucus’ request that House and Senate leaders fully fund Mississippi’s school budget formula appears likely to be fulfilled, based on early recommendations for state spending in this election year.

Caucus chairman, Democratic Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones of Canton, said Wednesday that it’s time for lawmakers to stop shortchanging MAEP.

“It’s always been a political pawn, but we haven’t put our money where our mouth is,” Jones said during a Capitol news conference. Sen. David Jordan, D-Greenwood, said MAEP was put into law because “some counties and some school districts were just rock-bottom poor.”

Rep. Alyce Clark, D-Jackson, said during the Black Caucus news conference that paying for schools is less expensive than paying for prisons that would be needed in the future if schools are weak.

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