PULSE’s Power Player of the Day: Rep. Blaine “Bo” Eaton, Lives to Fight Another Day

Rep. Bo Eaton of Taylorsville

UPDATE: Rep. Blaine Eaton, Democrat from Taylorsville, won re-election by drawing the box with the green straw. Both he and his GOP opponent had 4,589 in the slugfest for HD 79. Eaton’s win prevents the GOP house from having a supermajority and likely sets the stage for a party switch to come. I don’t expect it to be Rep. Eaton so with that said, the race is on.

In my opinion, of all of the speakers both for and against Concurent Resolution #9, I thought Rep. Eaton gave some of the most passionate remarks during the very spirited debate today. Representative Blaine “Bo” Eaton, A Democrat from Smith County, has been in the legislature for 19 years representing portions of Covington, Jasper and Smith counties.

With his folksy and very much southern drawl, he usually is one you can always count on to pose questions asking how certain pieces of legislation is going to effect his constituents. Today, Rep. Eaton was one of many who championed the cause of the over 200,000 Initiative #42 petitioners.

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