Reeves Stymies Full Repeal of Common Core in Senate According to Watson

From State Sentaor Michael Watson’s Facebook Post Watson’s Facebook Page

“It appears SB 2690 that fully repeals and replaces CCSS will not come up for a vote in the Senate Education committee. In its place, the Lt. Governor has decided to use SB 2161 as his approach to address Common Core, as SB 2161 passed the Senate Education Committee this morning. Here’s the problem: SB 2161 only forces the state board of education to “hear recommendations” and “consult with” the MS Commission on College and Career Readiness. The board would not have to enact a single recommendation. Remember, the state board adopted Common Core. The state board has maintained their support of Common Core. I have no faith that a group who fully supports Common Core will do little more than simply “hear” and “consult”. To boil it down, SB 2161 may repeal the name, “Common Core State Standards”, but it is not a full repeal and does not guarantee a single standard will be replaced. Please stay engaged, we’ve much more work to do!”

Sen. Michael Watson is a Republican from Pascagoula.

One thought on “Reeves Stymies Full Repeal of Common Core in Senate According to Watson

  1. The good folks of Mississippi must understand the bill that Tate Reeves as Lt. Gov. and State Senator Gray Tolison are playing is nothing more than political games JUST WE EXPECTED THEM TO DO. Senator Videt Carmichael is the author of record on SB 2161. If you read the bill, it recommends that the Southern Regional Education Board which is partly funded by the Gates Foundation. Why was this one proposed? Follow the money. One of Haley Barbour’s biggest clients on K Street in Washington is the Gates Foundation. Tate is Haley’s hand-picked candidate for Lt. Gov. Would Tate disappoint his “adopted daddy”? Common Core was constructed by big government, (a double-down of No Child Left Behind) does anyone NOT know that Haley is one of the biggest big government lobbyists. And Haley makes as many friends in the Republican Party as he does in the Democrat Party. Does anyone #remembermississippi? MOST importantly, this control over education of Mississippi school children takes it away from parental control, local control, State control, and hands it to the big government, big money lobbyists and gigantic foundations who see our children as “human capital”. Is your child ready to be spent and manipulated to the wishes of the Federal Government under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education? Please make your voice heard for the “good of the children”. Call Tate Reeves’s office at (601)359-3300 to tell him we do not want what he, Haley and Gates are selling. Also call your State Senator to support any amendments to this hand-picked winner for big government, making school children the hand-picked losers. Call Capitol Switchboard at (601)359-3770 to leave a message for your State legislator.