Barbara Blackmon Set to Challenge Kenny Wayne Jones

Former state senator and 2003 Democratic Lt. Gov. nominee Barbara Martin Blackmon of Canton qualified today to run for her old senate seat. The position is currently being held by Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones who recently came under fire for defending Haley Barbour’s “tar babies” remark aimed at Pres. Barack Obama

Blackmon, an attorney with Blackmon and Blackmon, also served as Vice-Chair of the Mississippi Democratic Party (2008-2012). Barbara Blackmon represented Humphreys, Madison and Yazoo counties in Senate District 21 for 12 years. Barbara and her husband, state Rep. Edward Blackmon, Jr., received an award for Black Philanthropy for having given $1,000,000.00 to Tougaloo College, $750,000.00 to Jackson State University, and providing scholarships and awards to 53 students through their previous Foundation.

This is definitely going to be a race to watch!

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