Former Greenwood Mayoral Candidate Qualifies to Run for Lt. Gov.

Yesterday, Greenwood native, Jelani Barr qualified to run as a Democrat for Lt. Gov. On the onset it makes sense because he’s technically only the second candidate qualify as a Democrat for statewide office. I’m certain others have also and the party has just not made it public but back to Mr. Barr.

Flashback to two weeks ago when former Republican, Tim Johnson, shocked the political world and declared his intentions to run for Lt. Gov as a Democrat. With the entrance of Johnson, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves no longer was going to have a free ride and would now have to spend some of his $2.3 million dollars against a viable Democratic opponent. Most observers would agree that Johnson did not need to have to spend money against a primary opponent because every dime raised would need to be geared toward a head to head match with Reeves.

I for one am all for candidates coming forward and running for public office but I question this move. Opining about a municipal mandatory curfew is light-years away from presiding over the state senate. This hearkens back to the Alvin Greene of South Carolina situation of 2010.

It’s my hope that he’s in this on his own accord and there’s not something more sinister afoot. He could have had his pick of statewide offices to qualify for likely without opposition. We’ll be following this race..

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