Mike’s Missives: Dane’s “How to Run for Statewide Office and How NOT to Splurge”

Guest Commentary by: Dane Strother, Partner at Strother Strategies

It’s my experience that someone running for governor should spend at least six hours a day in a room with an inexpensive assistant calling a well-organized and prioritized list of potential donors and asking for a certain amount by a certain date for a certain reason.

The money raised is NOT spent on salaries or GOTV street money but is marshaled and used for (in the case of a Mississippi primary) gospel radio and a paid phone program. Ministers are wonderful about getting us safely to Heaven but are of little use getting us to the polls. Raise money, don’t spread it around and use it on radio, cable TV, a solid and targeted New Media campaign and you win. You can’t retail politic your way to the governor’s office.

The expenditures by Slater is the reason in black and white why she got beaten badly. Nothing against her personally. For the Clarion Ledger to call it a well-run campaign effort shows a lack of understanding by many folks. Now the key is to ensure Mr. Gray has enough support to get folks to the polls so the legislature does not turn more Republican. As a southern Democrat, we must ensure that does not happen and make certain we protect AG Hood and PSC Brandon Presley in the process.

Dane Strother is a partner at Strother Strategies, one of the nations most experienced strategic and political communications firms. Dane is a top national media consultant as evidenced by Campaigns and Elections magazine naming him a “Rising Star” and then a “Mover and Shaker”. Strother resides in Potomac, Maryland.

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