Mike’s Missives’: Phil Bryant Is on the Wrong Side of History

“Despite Governor Bryant’s wishes to turn away Syrian refugees seeking asylum from terrorist groups, we are happy to note that he has no say in the matter. Anyone who has been granted asylum by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can reside where they choose in our great country. We, as Mississippians, are proud to welcome refugees of all religions or lack thereof.

The United States has been home to immigrants fleeing oppression and religious persecution for the entirety of the 239 since her founding. While we recognize that there must be systems and safegaurds in place, slamming the door shut and closing our hearts must not be the solution.

We do not stand by our Governors’ political stunt for attention, for if we did we would only be doing precisely what the terrorists want us to do. By alienating those in need, we feed into their propaganda and help the terrorists win. We will not do that. We will win this battle through compassion and acceptance, and ask that all of our fellow Mississippians do the same. It is not surprising that Governor Phil Bryant is once again on the wrong side of history, but we do not have to be.”

Kudos to my Texas friends for standing up to Gov. Greg Abbott!

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