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DeMiktric Biggs founded MS Political Pulse with the goal of providing a progressive voice to news, analysis and opinions relating to Mississippi.

DeMiktric M. Biggs

DeMiktric M. Biggs is a nationally recognized grassroots organizer. His political career began as a student of the Clinton-era in Moss Point, a small river community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

DeMiktric has worked on both the legislative and campaign side of the political process for more than 10 years throughout the southeast, including Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Michigan and Illinois.

Biggs joined the Democratic National Committee in August of 2005 as a DNC Field Organizer while concurrently serving as the Mississippi Democratic Party’s first Voter File administrator. He has since worked with several state parties and numerous local, state and national campaigns and organizations. DeMiktric is currently serving as president of Capitol Strategies Consulting based out of Jackson, Miss.

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