McElhenney Who? Calls Out Congressman Thompson on Isreal

Tea Party Lt. Governor candidate, Alisha McElhenney, fired off a press release blasting the dean of Mississippi’s congressional delegation; Rep. Bennie G. Thompson of Bolton, the state’s lone Democrat. The text of Ms. McElhenney’s diatribe is below:

Israel is not only our strongest ally in the Middle East but one of our only true friends anywhere in the world,” McElhenney said in a statement. “Congressman Thompson is disgracing Mississippi by not standing with the rest of our delegation members who will be attending the Prime Minister’s speech.”

“Mississippians have been repeatedly embarrassed by Congressman Thompson’s antics over the years,” McElhenney said. “It’s not surprising that the Congressman’s ideology of hate and intolerance would rear its ugly head once more.

I find it laughable that Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Alisha McElhenney would find the time to call out Congressman Thompson in such a mean spirited and disrespectful way. Members have the right to vote and take positions opposite of the majority which is the bedrock of our democratically representative form of government. Moreover, members have the right to not attend political stunts disguised as speeches if they so choose. The constitution grants us the freedom of assembly and the supreme court has held that the freedom of association is akin to freedom of speech.

What this means, Ms. McElhenney, is that Congressman Thompson has the right to not attend this particular speech if he so chooses. Rather than grasp for straws and attention, I’d suggest you focus on convincing Republican voters why your seemingly narrow minded interpretation and understanding of even the basic tenets of our political system are reasons why you should be Lt. Governor. Leave matters of foreign policy and diplomacy to those officials that have actually been elected by the people.