Congressman Bennie Thompson and Legislative Black Caucus Supporting David Baria in #MSSen Runoff

Mississippi’s lone black Democratic Congressman and several members of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus have thrown their support behind fellow legislator David Baria in the Democratic U.S Senate runoff taking place this Tuesday, June 26th. Congressman Bennie Thompson of Bolton endorsed Baria on Friday.

This came after Baria thanked Representative Sonya Williams Barnes of Gulfport, leader of the Legislative Black Caucus, and the several members who attended a meeting recently in Jackson to throw their support behind him. Baria has been endorsed by 34 members of the 48 member Legislative Black Caucus and they’re listed below.

Baria finished second during the June 5th Democratic Primary to Meridian businessman Howard Sherman. Caucus member Omeria Scott of Laurel, who finished third in the race, threw her support to Sherman ahead of the runoff. Sherman currently enjoys the public support of Rep. Omeria Scott of Laurel, Rep. Charles Young of Meridian and Senator Willie Simmons of Bolivar County.

Legislative Black Caucus Members who PUBLICLY Support David Baria Include:

Senator John Horhn- Jackson

Senator Sollie Norwood- Jackson

Senator Tammy Witherspoon- Magnolia

Senator Robert Jackson- Marks

Senator Albert Butler- Port Gibson

Senator Derrick Simmons- Greenville

Senator Juan Barnett- Heidelburg

Senator David Jordan- Greenwood

Rep. John Faulkner- Holly Springs

Rep. Jarvis Dortch- Jackson

Rep. Abe Hudson- Shelby

Rep. Kathy Sykes- Jackson

Rep. Debra Gibbs- Jackson

Rep. Chris Bell- Jackson

Rep. Alyce Clarke- Jackson

Rep. Greg Holloway- Hazelhurst

Rep. Oscar Denton- Vicksburg

Rep. Rufus “Pete” Straughter- Belzoni

Rep. Earle Banks- Jackson

Rep. Willie Bailey- Greenville

Rep. Cedric Burnett- Tunica

Rep. Credell Calhoun- Jackson

Rep. Bryant Clark- Pickens

Rep. John Hines- Greenville

Rep. Karl Gibbs- West Point

Rep. Lataisha Jackson- Como

Rep. Robert Johnson- Natchez

Rep. Cheikh Taylor- Starkville

Rep. David Myers- McComb

Rep. Kabir Karriem- Columbus

Rep. Sonya Williams Barnes- Gulfport

Rep. Percy Watson- Hattiesbug

Rep. Orlando Paden- Clarksdale

Rep. Carl Mickens- Brooksville

Legislative Black Caucus Members who haven’t PUBLICLY endorsed either candidate Include:

Rep. Jeramey Anderson- Moss Point

Rep. Ed Blackmon- Canton

Rep. Angela Cockerham- Magnolia

Rep. Chuck Middleton- Port Gibson

Rep. Willie Perkins- Greenwood

Rep. Adrienne Wooten- Jackson

Rep. Kenneth Walker- Kosciusko

Rep. Sara Thomas- Indianola

Rep. Tracey Rosebud- Mound Bayou

Rep. Deborah Dixon- Bolton

Senator Barbara Blackmon- Canton

Senator Sampson Jackson- Kemper County

Senator Hillman Frazier- Jackson

Senator Angela Turner Ford- West Point

McElhenney Who? Calls Out Congressman Thompson on Isreal

Tea Party Lt. Governor candidate, Alisha McElhenney, fired off a press release blasting the dean of Mississippi’s congressional delegation; Rep. Bennie G. Thompson of Bolton, the state’s lone Democrat. The text of Ms. McElhenney’s diatribe is below:

Israel is not only our strongest ally in the Middle East but one of our only true friends anywhere in the world,” McElhenney said in a statement. “Congressman Thompson is disgracing Mississippi by not standing with the rest of our delegation members who will be attending the Prime Minister’s speech.”

“Mississippians have been repeatedly embarrassed by Congressman Thompson’s antics over the years,” McElhenney said. “It’s not surprising that the Congressman’s ideology of hate and intolerance would rear its ugly head once more.

I find it laughable that Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Alisha McElhenney would find the time to call out Congressman Thompson in such a mean spirited and disrespectful way. Members have the right to vote and take positions opposite of the majority which is the bedrock of our democratically representative form of government. Moreover, members have the right to not attend political stunts disguised as speeches if they so choose. The constitution grants us the freedom of assembly and the supreme court has held that the freedom of association is akin to freedom of speech.

What this means, Ms. McElhenney, is that Congressman Thompson has the right to not attend this particular speech if he so chooses. Rather than grasp for straws and attention, I’d suggest you focus on convincing Republican voters why your seemingly narrow minded interpretation and understanding of even the basic tenets of our political system are reasons why you should be Lt. Governor. Leave matters of foreign policy and diplomacy to those officials that have actually been elected by the people.

Twas’ A Month Before Qualifying: With a Mississippi Flavor

By: Mike Biggs

Twas’ a month before qualifying, all across the Magnolia State, Candidates have been fretting, whether to jump into the race. Pickering was pondering and Hosemann made known, That he was ready to go to Washington if Thad came home!

The Democrats wanted in on the upper chamber chatter, So in came Childers hinting he was ready to climb that ladder. Away in the Free State of Jones, a native son never blinked, For Chris was ready for Cochran, even ready to throw the kitchen sink!

Thompson, Harper, Nunnelee and Palazzo all seem safe, They will likely only see sacrificial lambs try and give them a race. But wait, Palin, DeMint and Heritage can still shake things up you see. They’ve got their arrows aimed at Republicans who refuse to drink the TEA.

The Tea Party may not be the only spoiler in town, For Marcy is ready to try on the Democratic sash and crown. Interesting dynamics keeps the political pendulum swinging, While sherrifs, supervisors and coroners phones keep a’ ringing. It’s Nosef or White or Tate or Phil, persuading the official to swallow the GOP pill.

State Democrats are active and out convincing too, Project 1776 is working as it goes into year two. House Dems have set their sights back on the speaker’s gavel, They’ll have rough terrain to defend if they can manage not to unravel.

So on Moak, Gunn, Whittington and Kenny Wayne, This upcoming session and election cycle is sure to be full of games. There’s one thing that makes this madness all worthwhile, And that’s seeing my friend Presley, dosey doe’n with the Carolina crowd. So to all to whom such a closure evokes fear, The PULSE wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Earmark Investigation: Bennie Thompson on Bolton, Miss., Road Improvement

Washington Post: Earmark investigation: Bennie Thompson on Bolton, Miss., road improvement

Thirty-three members of Congress have steered more than $300 million in earmarks and other spending provisions to dozens of public projects that are next to or near the lawmakers’ own property, according to a Washington Post investigation.

In Mississippi, Thompson secured a $900,000 earmark that was later used to resurface about two dozen roads in 2010 in Hinds County. One of those was LC Turner Circle, a quarter-mile residential loop in the small town of Bolton, where Thompson owns a home and two lots and his daughter owns a home.

Under the ethics rules Congress has written for itself, this is both legal and undisclosed.

US Rep. Thompson Files for Re-Election in Miss.


AP./Hattiesburg American: US Rep. Thompson files for re-election in Miss

Democratic U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson filed qualifying papers Tuesday to seek re-election in Mississippi’s 2nd District.

Former Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer has said she’ll challenge Thompson in the Democratic primary. Cobby Mondale Williams of Canton plans to run in the 2nd District as an independent.

The 2012 elections in Mississippi are beginning to take shape. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next 10 days of candidate qualifying.