Prayers for My Friend, Greg Pirkle

Our thoughts and prayers are with Greg Pirkle and his family after the tragic death of his wife, Lisa yesterday. I got to know Greg during the First District special election this past spring.

Greg placed 4th in the crowded field of 13 and out-raised the other candidates to succeed Rep. Alan Nunnelee. Lisa taught math at Tupelo High for many years. She is survived by her husband, Greg, two children and her mother.

Mike’s Missives: #MS01 Pirkle Leading in COH; Dems Endorse Zinn as Candidates Jaunt Towards May 12th

By: Mike Biggs

With little over a week left, candidates are making a mad dash towards the finish line in hopes of representing North Mississippi in congress. 13 candidates are vying to serve the remainder of deceased congressman Alan Nunnelee’s term.

Below is a snapshot of the most recent campaign finance information for 12 of the 13 candidates. Daniel Sparks of Belmont has yet to file his pre-special finance report.

Note: Highlighted figure represents amount of cash on hand.

Candidate Name| Cash On Hand- 4/30| Total Reciepts- 4/30| Total Expenditures

Greg Pirkle| $146,585| $34,364| $132,531

Mike Tagert| $126,572| $125,205| $159,842

Sam Adcock| $117,263| $55,860| $92,505|

Henry Ross| $58,696| $8,047| $30,724

Starner Jones| $58,667| $158,150| $242,820

Ed Holliday| $58,521| $5,245| $46,903

Trent Kelly| $57,150| $22,334| $54,737

Boyce Adams| $54,041| $130,512| $139,969

Nancy Collins| $34,956| $184,741| $151,565

Quentin Whitwell| $24,727| $23,230| $59,564

Chip Mills| $18,898| $17,900| $84,260

Walter Zinn| $2,752| $11,552| $8,974

Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole Endorses Walter Zinn

Throughout North Mississippi, working people are having to make tough choices every day. Some are getting ahead, many are just holding on, and way too many are falling behind. The average person is in a constant bind trying to make ends meet.

It is easy to blame our present situation on any leader or group we chose. But blaming somebody doesn’t fix the problems. In fact, the endless back and forth blame game politicians play is just a distraction that makes things worse.

On Tuesday, May 12, voters in North Mississippi have a chance to elect a Congressman who has a proven record of getting things done. Walter Zinn of Pontotoc is goal-oriented and results-driven. Walter knows how to work with people from all walks of life. He is a positive, hard-charging problem solver. Like most North Mississippians, he is a fair, even-handed person, but relentless when pushing forward for what’s right.

Walter Zinn is just as at home on your back patio as he is at the Capitol. All will be welcome and well-represented in Congressman Zinn’s office.

Matthew 20:16 says that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. On May 12, mark the last name on the ballot, Walter Zinn.


Rickey Cole Chairman, Mississippi Democratic Party

Pirkle Wants ‘American Dream’ to Be Attainable

By: Rod Guajardo, Daily Journal

Greg Pirkle says the last straw for him was seeing the blockades government has put up over the years that prevent young business owners and entrepreneurs from achieving the “American Dream.”

The Tupelo attorney says he watched the leadership in government ship, shape and mold regulations on small businesses to the point where it dampened the willingness of Mississippians to start a business.

For years, Pirkle sat across the desk from those same Mississippians as an attorney and informed them that achieving the same dreams they grew up believing were in reach were actually buried under mountains of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape.

But Pirkle doesn’t believe those conversations have to continue happening across Mississippi and the country, and that’s why he is hoping to represent the 1st District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I don’t think politicians passing these laws have any idea of what it’s doing to people on the other side, but I do know because I’ve been living on that other side,” Pirkle said. “Politicians might not be thinking about how it’s going to impact the public when they pass some of these laws, but when I’m there I will know exactly what it’s like or how it will impact a young businessman or stimulate economic recovery in our communities.”

Pirkle is one of 13 candidates running in the May 12 special election to fill the seat left vacant following the death of Congressman Alan Nunnelee.

Armed with a clever television advertising campaign asking voters to “Pick Pirkle,” the New Albany native is stressing the importance of sending someone who shares the values and principles of north Mississippi to Washington.

“I think there’s a general dissatisfaction with government right now, and I think that stems from a lack of trust in the people who hold these offices,” Pirkle said. “The public is putting their trust in the leadership that’s there to fix these problems, but that’s not happening. I don’t know if that’s because they don’t know how or don’t want to, but I can and will.”

The son of a Baptist preacher and a school teacher, Pirkle graduated from New Albany High School and went on to earn a degree from Baylor University. He later earned a juris doctor from the University of Mississippi and a master’s of tax from New York University.

Pirkle is currently the managing partner for the Tupelo office of the regional law firm Phelps Dunbar, where he primarily focuses on family estate planning, business law, state and federal taxation and exempt organizations.

Through his legal work, Pirkle said he’s seen the negative impact of what a government that continues to place regulations on small businesses can do to a community’s economy and spirit.

“Growing up, I was always told you could have the ‘American Dream’ if you worked hard enough and had the initiative and motivation, but now what I’m seeing is people can’t do that anymore,” Pirkle said. “It’s almost like government has taken the initiative away from people to start a business and reach that dream. And it’s not because they don’t have the dreams or are not capable … it’s because they’re getting taxed to death and regulated to death and can’t get the money they need.”

Pirkle is placing the creation of jobs, reduction in federal debt and protection of north Mississippi values at the top of his priority list.

Those things, Pirkle said, are what matter most to the people he’s interacted with in the 1st District.

“They don’t like the debt, they want more jobs and they want integrity,” Pirkle said. “They want people in office to be who they say they are.”

Those same values are important to Tupelo native and retired businessman Kenneth Warren and are why he’s supporting Pirkle in the special election.

“Personal values mean a lot to me, and I know Greg is a good, Christian man who stands for the right things and is someone I can trust,” Warren said. “He wants to make some changes, and I believe he can.”

Pirkle is involved in several civic organizations ranging from the Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi to the Community Development Foundation. He’s currently the chairman of the Tupelo Major Thoroughfare Program and the CREATE Foundation board.

Pirkle and his wife, Lisa, have two children: Tyler, 23, and Megan, 19.