Several Mississippi Democratic Legislators Back Clinton Over Sanders

By: Mike Biggs

Several Mississippi Democratic legislators threw their support behind Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Jackson yesterday. Representative Earle Banks of Jackson, leader of the Legislative Black Caucus, and Senator Deborah Dawkins led the group of 20 members who assembled in the Capitol rotunda for the press conference.

The group of mostly black legislative leaders joins Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber who recently endorsed Clinton as well. Hillary Clinton has been locking up key African American support across the South. Mississippi will hold its presidential preference primary on March 8th, 2016. Hillary Clinton is in a tight race with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

Democratic Clinton Legislative Supporters Include:

Senator John Horhn- Jackson

Senator Sollie Norwood- Jackson

Senator Deborah Dawkins- Pass Christian

Senator Robert Jackson- Marks

Senator Albert Butler- Port Gibson

Senator Angela Turner- West Point

Senator Derrick Simmons- Greenville

Senator Willie Simmons- Cleveland

Rep. John Faulkner- Holly Springs

Rep. Jarvis Dortch- Jackson

Rep. Steve Holland- Plantersville

Rep. Jeramey Anderson- Moss Point

Rep. Kathy Sykes- Jackson

Rep. Omeria Scott- Laurel

Rep. Chris Bell- Jackson

Rep. Alyce Clarke- Jackson

Rep. Greg Holloway- Hazelhurst

Rep. Oscar Denton- Vicksburg

Rep. Rufus “Pete” Straughter- Belzoni

Rep. Earle Banks- Jackson

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber Endorses Hillary Clinton

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber endorses Hillary Clinton: Clarion Ledger

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Monday, saying she will push for issues important to urban centers, including smaller cities like Jackson.

“Hillary Clinton knows how to make it happen,” Yarber said in a statement. “As President, she will give special and needed attention to cities, particularly minority-led cities, and the issues that plague us.’’

His endorsement follows Clinton’s recent comments expressing concern over high lead levels recently reported in Jackson’s water.

Yarber and some other black elected officials, mostly from the South, were on a conference call with Clinton earlier Monday.

Yarber said in an interview he’s encouraged by the level of engagement by Clinton’s team about “policy initiatives that we think should be in place to make sure that cities like ours can compete, make sure cities like ours are viable and that we don’t get lost in the shuffle in terms of conversations about infrastructure investments, quality-of-life issues.’’

He said it’s important that Democratic cities in red states get fair treatment.

Other high-profile Mississippi Democrats, including Rep. Bennie Thompson, top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, also have endorsed the former secretary of state.