Mike’s Missive’s: Let’s Get to Work!

By: Mike Biggs

As the dust settles from the 2015 campaigns I want to offer you my gratitude for your unwavering support of our Democratic candidates and the causes that bring us together as a party. Having spent time with and talked to voters across this great state, I am convinced that brighter days are ahead.

As we speak, the legislative and executive branches of our state government are now firmly controlled by the Tea Party fringes of the Republican Party. While disastrous as this may seem, it does should deepen our resolve.

While we wait for the final certification of the results there are many reasons for Democrats to be proud. We re-elected Attorney General Jim Hood to a 4th term and Democrats will have a majority on the Public Service Commission with the election of former state representative Cecil Brown.

Make no mistake about it; there were reasons to be disappointed. The House Democratic caucus was our last front against the radical Republican agenda. We need to rebuild just as we did last decade when we held as many as 75 seats in the house and 32 seats in the senate. We start today educating and organizing our base and re-building the party from the ground up.

On a personal note, several of my good friends fought valiantly and ultimately were unsuccessful but deserve our heartfelt thanks and adoration for their service to our state and party:

3rd CD:

Rep.Bobby Moak

House Democratic Leader Bobby Moak

4th CD:

Rep. Blaine “Bo” Eaton

Rep. Bo Eaton of Taylorsville

Rep. Sherra-Hillman Lane

Rep. Sherra Hillman-Lane

We also saw several members retire this year: Rep. Mary H. Coleman, Rep. Ferr Smith, Rep. Bennet Malone, Rep. Joe Warren, Rep. Johnny Stringer, Rep. Chuck Espy, Rep. James Evans, and Rep. Clara Burnett

It is time to create an agenda that provides opportunity for everyone. It is time to set goals that every Mississippi Democrat believes are worth fighting for. I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the enormity of the challenges we faced this year and the many reasons that we can be energized and optimistic heading into the future.

I believe we will prevail but more importantly we must begin the process of preparing for 2019 now. We can begin immediately to target increased voter turnout for the 2016 elections. We need at least 200,000 more Democrats added to the voter rolls to return a Democrat to the White House, all incumbents up for re-election and gain new Democratic seats where they may be competitive.

Let’s resolve to recruit Democrats who can win for Democrats and make Mississippi a better place to live, work and raise a family.

DeMiktric “Mike” Biggs

Pay Raises, Common Core and Rev. C.L. Bryant

By: Mike Biggs

The Mississippi State Capitol was abuzz today with legislators, lobbyist and staffers scurrying about but what was most notable was the presence of everyday Mississippians. Before the 2015 session was gaveled to order, citizens from across Mississippi gathered to let their representatives and senators know what issues they wanted to see brought to the forefront in what promises to be a very interesting session.

Dueling rallies were held on both ends of the capitol. Moral Movement Mississippi, a coalition of faith, labor, civil rights, immigrant, and various community organizations across Mississippi, held a rally on the steps of the capitol where dozens of state employees, teachers and activists gathered to call for pay raises for Mississippi’s state employees and teachers and for the legislature to fully fund the MAEP. MASE/CWA President Brenda Scott, MAE Executive Director Frank Yates and Tyson Jackson were just a few of the speakers who rallied the faithful. Scott opened the rally with her rendition of Pete Seeger’s “If I had a hammer” which has long been a staple of the progressive movement. Rep. Sherra Hillman-Lane of Waynesboro was there in support.

On the Senate side of the capitol, an anti Common Core rally was held and at times had a tent revival feel to it. Sens. Angela Burks Hill and Michael Watson, flanked by Sens. Tony Smith and Phillip Gandy, spoke to the packed room of supporters. Senators Hill and McDaniel have led the charge over the last 2 years and there just may be enough support now that Lt. Gov. Reeves has signaled he is on board and Gov. Bryant has lent his support. The star of the show however was Rev. C.L Bryant, a Shreveport Baptist preacher. Bryant opened his remarks by saying “today is a good day to fight a fight for the republic and strike a blow for freedom”.

There should be very little doubt that pay raises for Mississippi’s teachers and state employees, funding MAEP and common core will be the top political issues of this session and political season.