Mike’s Missive: Mississippi’s Chris McDaniel and the Tale Told by the Idiot

Former Mississippi state senator and national Tea Party darling, Chris McDaniel, took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on the #WomensMarch held across the US and world on yesterday. See below his thoughts on the event seen as an unprecedented rebuke of an American president.

I suspect McDaniel is testing the waters for a run against Senator Roger Wicker in 2018 and what better way to get the attention of the crazies than to start going after “liberal women”… This race to the bottom should be fun and entertaining…

Chris McDaniel Facebook Page

“So a group of unhappy liberal women marched in Washington DC. We shouldn’t be surprised; almost all liberal women are unhappy. Perhaps there’s a correlation.

Nevertheless, I’m fascinated to see them exercise their First Amendment rights (however objectionable the message). But I do have a question: if they can afford all those piercings, tattoos, body paintings, signs, and plane tickets, then why do they want us to pay for their birth control?”