Dr. Valerie Short Calls on National Democrats to Support Walter Zinn #MS01

Dr. Valerie Short, Democratic candidate for governor


Dr. Valerie A. Short, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is calling on national and congressional Democratic leaders to support Walter Zinn. Zinn led in the May 12th special election to succeed deceased Rep. Alan Nunnelee in Mississippi’s First Congressional District and will face Republican Trent Kelly in the June 2nd runoff.

“Walter has run a spirited campaign on the issues that the vast majority of the people support and I am outraged that he has not been given the support he needs to win by our national party”.

“He has worked tirelessly for Democratic candidates and the party for many years and so it is time for the party to support him”. Dr. Short went on to say, “I intend to do my part over the next 2 weeks and urge my fellow Democrats to put some skin in the game and do the same”.

Dr. Valerie Short is a U.S. Air Force veteran and a licensed obstetrician. As a young woman, she graduated from Vanderbilt University with degrees from both the undergraduate program and medical school. A mother of one now proud grandmother, she resides in Ridgeland. She is an active volunteer and fundraiser with numerous community and health organizations benefiting Mississippi families.


Walter Zinn Calling on DCCC to Get Involved in #MS01

From Zinn’s campaign facebook page

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the voters of District 1 for participating during the special election on May 12th. Thank you to everyone who voted for me during that election. As the only Democratic congressional candidate in a field with twelve other Republican candidates, I’m more certain than ever before that the issues that impact Mississippians the most transcend party lines.

But, our work is not done. It is critical that we continue to get our message out to every voter in District 1 before the run-off on June 2.

It is time Mississippi is made a PRIORITY in Washington, DC. and our grassroots, issue-driven campaign is taken SERIOUSLY in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Help us bring Mississippi’s issues to the forefront of our nation’s congressional agenda. Now is the time we move Mississippi forward. Vote for Walter Zinn for Congress on June 2nd.”

-Walter Zinn, Democratic nominee for congress

Mike’s Missives: #MS01 Pirkle Leading in COH; Dems Endorse Zinn as Candidates Jaunt Towards May 12th

By: Mike Biggs

With little over a week left, candidates are making a mad dash towards the finish line in hopes of representing North Mississippi in congress. 13 candidates are vying to serve the remainder of deceased congressman Alan Nunnelee’s term.

Below is a snapshot of the most recent campaign finance information for 12 of the 13 candidates. Daniel Sparks of Belmont has yet to file his pre-special finance report.

Note: Highlighted figure represents amount of cash on hand.

Candidate Name| Cash On Hand- 4/30| Total Reciepts- 4/30| Total Expenditures

Greg Pirkle| $146,585| $34,364| $132,531

Mike Tagert| $126,572| $125,205| $159,842

Sam Adcock| $117,263| $55,860| $92,505|

Henry Ross| $58,696| $8,047| $30,724

Starner Jones| $58,667| $158,150| $242,820

Ed Holliday| $58,521| $5,245| $46,903

Trent Kelly| $57,150| $22,334| $54,737

Boyce Adams| $54,041| $130,512| $139,969

Nancy Collins| $34,956| $184,741| $151,565

Quentin Whitwell| $24,727| $23,230| $59,564

Chip Mills| $18,898| $17,900| $84,260

Walter Zinn| $2,752| $11,552| $8,974

Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole Endorses Walter Zinn

Throughout North Mississippi, working people are having to make tough choices every day. Some are getting ahead, many are just holding on, and way too many are falling behind. The average person is in a constant bind trying to make ends meet.

It is easy to blame our present situation on any leader or group we chose. But blaming somebody doesn’t fix the problems. In fact, the endless back and forth blame game politicians play is just a distraction that makes things worse.

On Tuesday, May 12, voters in North Mississippi have a chance to elect a Congressman who has a proven record of getting things done. Walter Zinn of Pontotoc is goal-oriented and results-driven. Walter knows how to work with people from all walks of life. He is a positive, hard-charging problem solver. Like most North Mississippians, he is a fair, even-handed person, but relentless when pushing forward for what’s right.

Walter Zinn is just as at home on your back patio as he is at the Capitol. All will be welcome and well-represented in Congressman Zinn’s office.

Matthew 20:16 says that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. On May 12, mark the last name on the ballot, Walter Zinn.


Rickey Cole Chairman, Mississippi Democratic Party