Apple Releases iOS 15.5

Apple has released a new operating system for its iPhone, iOS 15.5! The update is available for download from the Apple website and is only a few days away from the release of iOS 16 at the company’s developer conference later this month. If you’d like to update your iPhone, check out the instructions on the Apple website. ios16 베타 There’s an app for that, too! Then, download the update and follow the directions.


The new version of Wallet brings more tweaks and changes. Photos no longer recommend Memories related to sensitive places, such as the Holocaust. Users can also make use of Apple’s new Apple Balance feature, which separates credit cards from other accounts in the Wallet. Lastly, iOS 15.5 also adds new button options to send and receive money from Apple Cash. As long as you use an Apple ID, you can receive and send money from other apps without any problems.

iOS 16 베타

Apple has added support for the Apple Account Card to Wallet for iOS 15.5 users. The card lets you view the amount of Apple credit you’ve accumulated using an Apple ID. Before, you had to access the card by logging into your Apple ID in the App Store or using it to make purchases in Apple Retail Stores. However, this new feature will make the process easier. With the Wallet for iOS 15.5 update, you can easily access your Apple ID card from within the Messages app or in Messages.


After releasing iOS 15.4 and the new Wallet app, Apple has promised to deliver a few valuable improvements to the Podcasts app. In this update, you can now send and receive money with Apple Cash, and the podcast app now offers automatic episode storage limits. The update will also include improvements to Apple’s Wallet. If you’re on iOS 15.5 or higher, follow these steps to upgrade. Afterward, you can enjoy a wide range of new features, including automatic episode deletion.

Apple has also announced that Podcasts will be updated in iOS 15.5. These updates will improve the experience of subscribers and producers alike. The new podcast app will also include an option to clean up podcasts, which is especially useful for people who subscribe to numerous podcasts. The app will also allow subscribers to switch between monthly and annual subscriptions. Podcasts have been known to take up several GB of iPhone storage, so this new feature will be very helpful for those with large amounts of downloaded content.


Apple has seeded iOS 15.5 to the general public, expanding the ‘Communication Safety’ feature to the U.S., Canada, and Australia. The update automatically analyzes pictures for nudity and child sexual abuse content and triggers warnings if there are any. In the meantime, users can use the new ‘Focus mode’ to prevent themselves from seeing inappropriate images. If you want to learn more about the new features included in iOS 15, read on!

Another feature that makes Messages more convenient to use is Shared with You. With this feature, you can receive content through other apps instead of having to open Messages. You can even reply to someone’s message directly from the Shared with You section, reducing the need to constantly open Messages to read a particular message. By default, Shared with You only works with messages and notes, but you can customize it further by adding it to your contacts’ lists and folders.

Apple Music API

The first major iOS update to remove the Apple Music API was iOS 15.4. The removal of this feature is a result of concerns about third-party apps being unable to adjust the playback speed of subscription music. Fortunately, Apple reevaluated its decision and decided that third-party apps could still safely enable playback speed. iOS 15.5 beta 4 has confirmed the return of the Apple Music API. Here are some other changes that iOS 15.5 will bring.

Another feature that was removed in iOS 15.4 is the ability to control the playback speed of Apple Music songs. Before the change, developers were able to set the current playback rate using the MPMediaPlayback API. Sadly, this feature had been disabled in iOS 15.4. Apple initially claimed that the problem was a bug, but it is now set to return in iOS 15.5 beta. However, the feature is only available for Apple Music compatible apps, and you should avoid using third-party music players until it has been fully restored.

Notifications redesigned

iOS 15 includes a variety of new features and improvements, including Notifications, the “Focus” feature, contact photos, and a new Portrait mode. Another new feature is Live Text, which recognizes text in photos and resurfaces it in Messages and conversations. Safari has also been redesigned with bottom-heavy controls to make it easier to use with one hand. Finally, Apple Wallet lets you access the places you use every day with just a tap.

iOS 15 stores notifications from apps and shows them in a summary on the lock screen. Notifications from apps are not automatically added to the notification summary; you must manually choose which apps you want to see. Once you’ve chosen which notifications you want, you can tap the app’s icon to change its style. You can also choose the style and sound of each notification, such as “Scheduled Summary,” which allows users to choose a time-sensitive notification, as well as “All Notifications” if you want to receive notifications from non-urgent apps.

27 new security patches

Apple has released a series of security patches for iOS with version 15.5. These patches address a range of vulnerabilities and prevent remote attackers from running arbitrary code. The update also addresses a range of bugs and security vulnerabilities on the Mac. The update is available for iPhones, iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2, and later, and Apple TV. The following is a list of the security patches and fixes included in the update.

‘App Privacy Report’: You can access this setting from Settings, or in Settings if you’re using an iPhone or iPad. This report allows you to see what apps are tracking you. Messages and Siri are also safer, thanks to new features for kids, such as voice-activated chat and a built-in authenticator. IOS 15.2 also has privacy improvements for the Messages app, Siri, Spotlight, and Search.