Become a Speech-Language Pathologist

Become a Speech-Language Pathologist

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If you are considering speech therapy, you are probably wondering what exactly this profession entails. In the end, the best way to understand speech-language pathologists’ work is to first understand the definition of speech. Speech, in this sense, refers to the components of the activity of the voice, including phonation, articulation, and movement of parts of the mouth. Other terms associated with speech are resonance and fluency.

Treatment options

While the symptoms of speeching disorders can be quite challenging for the sufferer, there are various treatment options available. Speech therapy can help the person develop essential communication skills and overcome these challenges. There are different types of speech disorders, ranging from minor to severe. Learn more about treatment options for speeching disorders by browsing the resources below. The best treatment for speech 스피치 학원 impediment is based on the severity of the disorder. A treatment aimed at correcting the disorder is important for the sufferer and their family.

Speech language pathologists are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of speeching disorders. They examine each individual and determine which type of treatment is most appropriate. Depending on the severity of the disorder, the treatment may be based on the cause of the condition. For example, therapy for stuttering can include a special voice training program. Treatment for dysarthria can include teaching the patient how to correctly pronounce words and phrases. The individual may also be asked to practice in front of a mirror. Some speech-muscle strengthening exercises can also be used.


The initial assessment at a speech therapy facility costs approximately $500. There is a fee for the evaluation if your child is deemed to need further speech therapy. If your child does, however, need further speech therapy, you will be required to pay additional charges. Depending on the level of your child’s difficulty, you may need to pay an additional $150 per hour for the initial evaluation. A typical therapy session lasts between three and four hours.

The cost of speech therapy sessions varies greatly. Depending on the level of expertise of the speech therapist, you can expect to pay anything between $100 to $250 per session. However, you should check your insurance policy to see if it will cover the cost. A therapist may also charge for official reports and teaching others how to assist your child at home. If you are concerned about the cost, you can discuss it with the provider.


The first step toward becoming a speech-language pathologist is to earn a master’s degree in a related field. A speech-language pathology graduate program must be accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of Speech-Language Pathology (CASLP). Students must also apply for a temporary license, otherwise known as an intern or limited license. A master’s degree is required to pursue a clinical fellowship.

An out-of-state certificate allows a speech-language pathologist to practice in public schools. A copy of a certificate or a letter of eligibility from the institution or state agency is required. In addition, the certificate must show a practicum with school-aged children with a grade of “C” or higher. If a candidate has received an out-of-state certificate, they must submit a copy of their certificate, which will serve as their proof of education and experience.