Hospital Marketing

Hospital promotion marketing

Hospital promotion marketing communication is very important.


“Is swelling a side effect after liposuction?” Are there people coming because of these symptoms?”
“Director, should I just write a manuscript for the NK cell test?” If there’s a topic you want, please let me know.~”
“Can I get a hormone injection in this case?” This is the point of hospital promotion marketing.

When I have questions when I produce content, I always ask the director like this. Of course, we use the Internet, but there is a limit to this. Since the treatment method of other hospitals and the treatment method of our hospitals may be different, and each director has a different medical opinion, I ask the doctor’s opinion directly.

​Only when I go through this process can I produce better content than before I asked a separate question.

If you look at the contents I planned, they say that it matched the direction the director thought and that they liked it so much.
I produced the content based on the answers to the questions organized by the director.

The importance of 병원홍보communication?


Communication is really important. For me to fully understand the director’s hospital, I need constant communication. Only then can you persuade the patient to write.

It is never easy to write articles that have points that make patients interested in reading and visiting the hospital.

Do you think it works if you simply write promotional articles and leave the branding to a place where you post the contents of the article by copying and pasting them?

Hospital promotion marketing

Hospital promotion marketing application.피부과병원마케팅

Instead of just producing and uploading content recklessly to increase the number of posts, I am thinking and studying to create content with as high quality as possible.

Hospital promotion marketing stays time is 4 minutes.
Then what should we do to get good content?
There are five criteria that I think.

1. You should be able to organize yourself.

You should be able to organize your diseases and treatment methods.

2. The opinions of the director and the hospital should be included.

Hospital-specific differentiation and hospital philosophy must be incorporated.

3. Hospital promotion marketing should be read easily.

All content should be read simply and clearly and easily so that it can be recognized at the middle school level.

4. It must match the position and interests of the person who searched the keyword.

The content should be planned and written based on an understanding of what the person who searched this keyword will be interested in, what he or she will think, and what he or she will think.

It leads to actual hospital promotion marketing results.

​If you’ve read up here, please take a look at the director’s hospital contents.

What are you writing?
Are there any actual patients’ inquiries?
Are there a lot of comments on page 1?

If you can’t answer these three questions, please contact us through the link below.