Yeosu Visits Again, Tourists Increase for the First Time in Three Years

According to Yeosu-si, the number of tourists visiting major tourist attractions was 10.33 million as of the end of October. The number of tourists surpassed 10 million in three years since 8.72 million in 2020 and 9.77 million in 2021, and Yeosu tourism, which had been stagnant due to COVID-19, is rapidly recovering.

In particular, 2.85 million people visited during the summer vacation season in July and August, the peak tourist season, and about 20,000 people increased from 2.83 million in 2019 before COVID-19.

According to the analysis of the 2022 Summer Vacation Travel Rate and Travel Destination by Consumer Insight, a consumer search agency, Yeosu City’s share of summer vacation was the fifth in the country, up one notch from last year.

In the analysis of Maeil Economy and Shinhan Card’s “Vacation Map in Big Data,” the increase in tourists among young people was noticeable. Compared to 2019, the number of people in their 20s who visited Yeosu in July this year increased by 36.3% and those in their 30s increased by 28.1%.

Yeosu City cited the natural environment and romantic night sea, the increase in luxury accommodation facilities, continuous development of tourism contents, and recognition of safe tourist destinations created with citizens as factors for the increase in tourists.

In particular, in September and October, various festivals such as Yeosu’s representative festivals, the Turtle Ship Festival, the Namdo Food and Culture Festival, the Yeosu Night Sea Fireworks Festival, and the Yeoman Bay Mudflat Sunset Experience, attracted attention nationwide.

The eco-tourism program “Samok Samok Nangdo” and the 10 theme tours “Camping Daejeon” were also popular, and the development of various tourism contents such as the creation of “Island Village Neoul-gil” and the operation of “The Island Healing Center” following the opening of the Yeosu Island Island Road also increased the satisfaction of Yeosu tourism.

In addition, the “Tourism Comprehensive Task Force” operated by Yeosu-si and the “public-private cooperative organization” for regional tourism development also contributed to the increase in tourists, contributing to the resolution of various inconveniences and improvement of kindness. 여수 여행 가볼만한곳

An official from Yeosu City said, “The recovery of tourism is becoming clear, and many tourists are expected to visit this year at the level before COVID-19.” “As the tourism industry can freeze again at any time due to shrinking household consumption due to high prices, we will do our best to greet tourists by providing friendly services, reasonable accommodation fees, and creating a clean food culture,” he said.ㅈ